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Transcend Micro Travel CPAP AirMistTM HME Kit

The AirMist HME Kit is waterless humidification that adds comfort to your Transcend Micro Travel CPAP without the bulk and inconvenience of traditional larger home-based CPAPs with a water based heated humidifier. The AirMistTM is designed to provide comfortable and effective humidification without water.  The AirMistTM works by capturing and storing your own exhaled heat and moisture. When you inhale the AirMistTM releases that stored humidity back into your therapy stream providing effective humidification when travelling.
NOTE: The AirMist HME Kit will not work with any masks that have their own attached tube. (Nuance, P10, Brevida, Swift FX, N20, Wisp, Evora and Eson).

How to Clean and Cleaning Schedule

Periodically clean your HME adapter once a week. Replace every 3 months. The HME cartridge must be removed prior to cleaning the HME adapter. The HME cartridge cannot be cleaned; discard after 3-7 days of use. For more cleaning instructions, please read the User Manual.

  1. Remove the HME cartridge from the foil package. Handle by the plastic shroud, not the foam core.
  2. Unscrew the HME adapter bottom from the HME adapter top and place the HME cartridge inside the HME adapter bottom.
  3. Place the HME adapter top onto the HME adapter bottom and gently turn the top until the adapter compresses together on the HME cartridge.
  4. Securely attach the HME adapter bottom to your hose.
  5. Securely attach the HME adapter top to your mask.

NOTE: The AirMistTM HME Kit works with either the Micro Standard 6 ft tube or the Micro Airflex 6 ft tube.