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Non-functioning LED Light
There have been some issues with the LED light not turning green, however, that doesn’t mean the battery isn’t fully functional. The customer should test the battery function by charging it for 8 hours and then using it until the battery dies. This will tell us if it is a functional issue or just the LED light is no longer functioning.

Battery Usage
The P8 battery should last approximately 14 hours with the pressure of 14cmH2o on a full charge. Leak, altitude, breathing rate, and pressure can affect the time a battery will last. If the battery is not lasting as long as it should, check the compliance data to see if a leak is causing the battery to drain faster. See the section above called “Downloading and Saving Compliance” if needing to pull the PAPs compliance report.

Battery Life
1. There is a 9 month warranty on the batteries.
2. Batteries arrive at Somnetics with 30% or less capacity (30% charge is the maximum capacity allowed for air shipping).
3. Somnetics DOES NOT charge these when put into inventory. Also, distributors should be aware that we do not recommend charging prior to sale.
4. You can expect roughly a 3-5% annual self-discharge during storage. This means that the battery will gradually drain when stored; however, it is not significant enough to require recharge for normal storage.
5. When storing a battery, the lithium ion cells will actually LOSE max capacity over time. The key factor in determining how much depends on both storage conditions and charge level. If stored at 25C (77F), the battery capacity drops to 80% after 1-year if at a full-charge. This increases to 96% when at a 40% charge level. Also, if stored at 0C (32F), these values increase the 94% and 98%, respectively