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Transcend Dry Mode

The Transcend Dry Mode is unique to Transcend CPAPs where you can enable the function to emit a steady stream of warm air to the attached hose and mask for 30 minutes before switching off.  Upon waking up in the morning, all you need is to activate the 30-minute drying cycle on the unit by pressing the Dry Mode button on top of the CPAP.  The warm air clears the excess moisture from the tubing and mask which can be a breeding ground for bacteria and have your CPAP ready to use when it’s time to go to bed.

Other Travel CPAPs do not have this feature meaning you’ll will have to manually dry your tube and mask, which can be time consuming.  By activating the Dry Mode on the Transcend Micro when you wake up you can ensure you can enjoy your travel adventures hose and mask is dry and waiting for you when you are ready to go to sleep.