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Sleep Data Tracking with Transcend MySleepDash(TM) App

MySleepDash Walkthrough

Track your sleep data and monitor your therapy progress via the Transcend MySleepDash TM app (iOS/Android) and the Transcend desktop software (Windows only, not compatible with Mac computers).

The Transcend Micro has a Bluetooth button on the device that will connect it to your Apple or Android phones through the MySleepDash TM App.  The MySleepDash TM app allows you to track your usage hours, detect any mask leak, and observe the number of events per hour for your last 24 hours, 7 days, 30 days, 90 days, and year of use. You can also review your device settings, access FAQs, view and share your compliance report with your healthcare provider. The app will now also allow you to change your comfort settings such as the Gentle RiseTM Ramp and Air ReliefTM Expiratory Relief (EZEX). Steps on how to download and use the MySleepDash TM app can be found in the video as well as in the resources section of the site.

Users can make also make changes to their comfort setting settings via the desktop software, which requires Windows OS and a USB-C cable to connect the Micro to your desktop computer. The desktop software comes with all of the features in the MySleepDash app.

As the Transcend Micro is an AutoCPAP, the pressure is adjusted automatically during your therapy.  If your pressure setting need to be at a predefined range such as a fixed pressure rather than Auto adjusting, please contact Transcend or the dealer from whom you purchased the Transcend Micro. If pressure does need to be changed, it can only be undertaken` through a windows desktop computer.

Note: You do not need the app to operate the Transcend Micro machine.

Gentle RiseTM Adjustable Ramp Technology

The Transcend Micro features GentleRiseTM Technology (Ramp) to help you fall asleep more comfortably. The Ramp delivers a lower air pressure at the start and gradually increases over a set Ramp Time (0-45 minutes) until it reaches the prescribed therapy pressure. You can fine-tune your Ramp Time or turn it off altogether on the MySleepdashTM, depending on your comfort level.

Air ReliefTM Exhalation Pressure Relief

The Transcend Micro also has a Pressure Relief feature, EZEX which reduces pressure on exhalation to help you breathe more comfortably. There are Three EZEX settings are available – Off, 1, 2, or 3 . The higher the setting, the more exhalation relief the Micro provides. EZEX can also be turned off.