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T365 CPAP + P10 Battery


Transcend CPAPs are Designed and Developed By Somnetics Inc in Minneapolis, USA.
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transcend T365 auto cpap

The Only CPAP + Humidifier Of Its Kind

The 365 miniCPAP is the first and only CPAP system to use patented Capillary Force Vaporizer™ (CFV) technology. This Smart Humidifier detects your breathing to deliver warm, moist air only when you inhale so you get the comfort you need when you need it. This intelligent humidification system makes the Transcend 365 miniCPAP much smaller and lighter than other CPAP/humidifier systems. It uses about half the water of a standard heated humidifier and much less energy. This small, lightweight package, in the size of a travel CPAP, that delivers full humidification almost instantaneously (like a home CPAP) and can even operate on P10 battery power!

P10 Battery

P10 Battery

Experience the comfort of heated humidification every night, everywhere. Thanks to smart, patented power management technology, the small but powerful P10 CPAP battery can power the Transcend 365 miniCPAP AND heated humidifier so you can sleep comfortably anywhere.

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