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Your Guide to Camping With a CPAP Machine

Your Guide to Camping With a CPAP Machine

If you suffer from sleep apnea, you recognize the importance of having a CPAP machine. If you suffer from sleep apnea and love to go camping, you should invest in a travel-sized transcend T365 CPAP machine. These small and lightweight CPAP machines are portable and easy to set up, and they are a valuable asset that will keep you sleeping well no matter where you are. If you are heading out into the woods or anywhere else in the world, camping tips to keep your CPAP machine running well while off the grid.

Choose a Campsite with Electricity

Although you may consider yourself to be the ultimate outdoorsman, try to avoid choosing a campsite without electricity. You will appreciate the extra convenience. Batteries can run out of juice sooner than you may think. Having an electrical outlet allows you to have a steady supply of power. Because the majority of national and state parks now offer electricity, you should have no trouble finding a powered campsite.

Always Bring Along Extra CPAP Batteries

CPAP batteries are essential when traveling off the beaten path. During your camping adventure, you never know what may happen; mother Nature has a tendency to be unpredictable. A storm or fallen tree could suddenly cause a power outage. Because it may take a while for the electricity to be restored, you’ll need to rely on the CPAP batteries for power. CPAP battery packs enable adventure seekers to trek further away from sources of electricity, and nothing beats having extra peace of mind.

Solar Panels for Charging

Solar energy could be the wave of the future, and investing in a solar charger is well worth it. As you hike down trails and camp out, the solar panels will quietly collect energy from the sun to charge your battery. Aside from giving you some extra juice, solar chargers are great for the environment.

Car Batteries Can Be Used In a Crunch

In the event of an emergency, a vehicle’s battery can be used to power a CPAP machine. You’ll need to first get a DC adaptor cable, which attaches to the battery terminals. Simply plug the machine into a cigarette lighter port and you’re ready to go. Although power inverters are readily available, many experts advise against using them. They seem to cause the battery to lose energy at a faster rate. Also, remember to use extreme caution when handling car batteries.

Live Your Life the Way You Want

Portable CPAP machine make it easy for you to enjoy camping. No longer will you be forced to miss out on an epic adventure. All you need is the right machine and the right accessories. Shop at MyTranscend today.